When the Wrong Door Is Actually the Right Door - a New Xperience

Kissimmee City Centre on Dakin Ave in Kissimmee contains a number of restaurants and bars that are all accessible from the street, as well as from a long internal corridor that leads to the shared restrooms. One of these businesses is Vintage Vino, a fine wine establishment serving the best wines and craft beer available in the market. Their proprietor is John Siudut - a former writer and tasting coordinator in the NYC headquarters for Wine Spectator . At Vintage Vino, he now hosts weekly craft beer nights on Wednesdays, wine flight night on Thursday, Friday happy hours and and special wine tastings throughout the year where people can Xperience different wines and learn more about them.

The Initial Challenge

On busy nights, it is a frequent occurrence to see people going to use the restroom from the street, or returning from the restroom and accidentally entering Vintage Vino’s back door. Many times the person exclaims - “Oh I was looking for the other restaurant - I am in the wrong place”. A standard reaction is, “Oh, where are you going? It is just down the hall - 2 doors down”. But what if there is a better way to turn the guests’ mistake into an Xperience instead?

VintageVino  - wine-smaller.jpg

“Many times it is possible to turn a problem into an opportunity by re-thinking the situation from the perspective of improved guest XPerience” - Violet Clare

In collaboration with the proprietor, DataPsy consultants came up with a plan to turn the guest’s mistakes into both an Xperience and a way to get more new customers. The owner agreed that every time that the person came in the wrong door, they would be greeted warmly and told “No you are in the right place” - and then gifted with a discount card to Vintage Vino that also includes 3 fast facts such as - you can drink wine in Vintage Vino and order from the restaurant next door.

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Three Fast Facts

Here is the new card backing up the fresh new warm greeting and the Xperience and inviting the guest to come back and partake of a nice glass of wine after they finish their meal at the other restaurant!