“The excitement and enthusiasm…”

The excitement and enthusiasm from our staff have inspired our team to take customer experiences to the next level, with the goal of differentiating ourselves. This journey is proving to be both fun and a worthwhile business endeavor.

Kenny Nairn COO/Executive VP
CGM Club Services, LLC

“Positive feedback”

The feedback from your workshop has been very positive. Employees were excited about the training..

Tano Malentin Chief Operating Officer,
Integrity Golf Company

  • This was a new concept, new experience, and very positive. Tony / EC

  • The workshop was very informative, fun and exciting. Scott Riley / OLR

  • It was an outstanding presentation. Nick Dunleavy / IGC

  • It was very informative – lots of fun while learning. Dunie Boyd / Celebration Golf

  • It was an eye-opening experience. Kevin Naylor / Orange County National

  • The work was informative and motivating. It provided very valuable and relevant information. Nicholas Hall / Legends Golf Course

  • I learned new ways to look at our operation. Arto Rehmani / Solivita

  • The workshop was quick and informative. Donna did an awesome job. Jeremy Peterson / IGC

  • It was very hands on and interactive. Andrea / Celebration Golf

  • Donna did a fantastic job of keeping the class on point and entertained. Brittany Schultz

  • I liked the informal atmosphere. Donna made it easy to participate. Joe / Red Tail Golf Course

  • Well worth my time. Roger Guillemette

  • It was a fun learning environment. Donna was a great facilitator. Jennifer Gilmore / CGM

  • The whole experience was great. Jillian Cottadine / Orange Lake

  • The workshop kept our attention very well and with fun activities. Jason Hartline

  • Best seminar like this I have ever been to. Jordan Williams / Red Tail Golf Course

  • Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be able to experience your wonderful seminar! I learned so much and it wasn't so much of a "lesson" as it was a fun way of learning! It was so easy to pay attention and actually participate and still learn everything! Celina Chepenik / Orange County National