Methods for Becoming Certified

Individual Pricing / Open Enrollment

In this scenario, the consultant facilitates the QCXP process for groups who desire a per participant arrangement.

  • Individual open enrollment seat - $295.00 per participant

  • Group of 25-50 - $250.00 per participant

  • Group of 51-100 - $200.00 per participant

  • Group of 101-500 - $175 per participant

  • Group of 500-1000 - $150 per participant

  • Group of over 1000 - Negotiable

Client Licensing

The client is licensed through the consultant to facilitate the QCXP process with no limit in the number of participants. The client will pay a material fee per participant. License includes class customization, train-the-trainer session, PowerPoint, facilitator’s guide, and ongoing support from consultant. Call (407) 847-8861 for a quotation. Travel expenses are not included in the price of a license if on-site train-the-trainer is requested.

Participant Resources

  • workbook

  • lapel pin

  • certificat

  • access to online resources (required purchase) - $30.00 each

Certifications for Customer Xperience Excellence

Be confident that your company, your customers and your staff will be part of excellent customer Xperiences with two unique Xperience Factor Certifications.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

  • Increased Employee Price, engagement and loyalty

  • Improved employee retention

  • More of a fun factor for team members and customers

  • Differentiating from your competitors


Front-Line Service Providers and Their Leaders Earn Unique Certifications

Prove your awareness of how to provide great Xperiences with two unique certifications. Front-Line service providers obtain the Qualified Customer Xperience Professional (QCXP) Certification through a process of classroom workshops and a demonstration of understanding.


QCXL Certification

The Qualified Customer Xperience Leader (QCXL) Certification and "Leading the Xperience Factor" Workshop

It starts at the top! For any improvement process to be successful, leaders must understand the new approach, be personally engaged in fostering success with each employee and ‘lead the way’ to a Customer Xperience (CX) culture. This 6–8 hour workshop includes the following:

  • Explore all of the components to the front-line class, "The Xperience Factor" (see QCXP section).

  • Discover best practices for leading such an initiative.

  • Explore factors for leadership success.

  • Explore your statement of purpose and its importance.

  • Establish a 30-day goal for which leaders are held accountable.

  • Once the participant has reported to X Factor Institute what he/she has done to achieve the established goal, their QCXL (Qualified Customer Xperience Leader) designation is earned and lapel pin issued.


QCXP Certification

The Qualified Customer Xperience Professional (QCXP) Certification andthe "Xperience Factor" Workshop

Front-line service providers attend a 4-hour workshop where they will:

  • Determine the benefits of providing memorable experiences.

  • Explore the concept of your company's brand.

  • Differentiate between providing service and Creating Xperiences (CX).

  • Explore the behaviors that support the shift to Customer Xperiences (CXs).

  • Complete the Customer Xperience Self-Assessment.

  • Practice Customer Xperience skills.

  • Review available resources and how to use them.

  • Experience the game show review.

  • Establish a 30-day goal for which participants are held accountable.

  • Once the participant has reported to X Factor Institute what he/she has done to achieve the established goal, their QCXP (Qualified Customer Xperience Professional) designation is earned and lapel pin issued.

Don't be left behind in the service economy.  Prepare your  front-line employees and their leaders for the Xperience Economy and take the journey to Customer Xperience (CX) excellence.

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